Ultrasonic aspiration in neurosurgery: a retrospective analysis of complications and outcome
EANS Academy, Stephanie Henzi, 275281
Multimodal approach in the surgical management of tumors in language area
EANS Academy, Nikita Pedyash, 275296
Costotransversectomy: an option for surgical approach to challenging anterior thoracic spine pathologies
EANS Academy, Nikita Pedyash, 275297
Pituitary hypertrophy in a patient with carney complex case presentation
EANS Academy, Yohtaro Sakakibara, 275300
The exoscope in neurosurgery: an innovative “point of view”. A systematic review of the technical, surgical and educational aspects
EANS Academy, LUCA RICCIARDI, 275314
The role of non-rigid cervical collar in pain relief and functional restoration after whiplash injury: a systematic review and a pooled analysis of RCTs
EANS Academy, LUCA RICCIARDI, 275315
O-Arm navigated screw placement in the whole spine for 360 degrees fusion-retrospective analysis
EANS Academy, Nikolay Mirchev, 275316
Oculomotor neurovascular conflict: case report and literature review on diagnosis and management
EANS Academy, Francesco Belotti, 275333
Impact of urgent/emergent surgery in the treatment of brainstem hemorrhage in patients with fast neurological deterioration, ventilatory impairment or coma. Is it worthwhile?
EANS Academy, Guia Shahinian, 275334
Microvascular decompression in the treatment of hemifacial spasm. A brief review outlining the importance of searching for vascular conflict in the nerve exit zone
EANS Academy, Cristiano Antunes, 275335
Simulation training in neurosurgery; 7 years experience of 2 day courses with a realistic operative workstation for educating neurosurgical apprentices; 'Rowena´
EANS Academy, Richard Ashpole, 275351
Mild traumatic brain injury and hypertension interact to promote persistent disruption of the blood-brain barrier, neuroinflammation and cognitive decline
EANS Academy, Nikolett Szarka, 275353
Incidence of intracranial meningioma in patients with family history of solid organ malignancy
EANS Academy, Noor Maria, 275357
Telemetric ICP devices : are they being used effectively?
EANS Academy, Lynette Loi, 275375
Treatment and survival of osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma of the skull: a SEER database analysis
EANS Academy, Enrico Martin, 275376
Assessment of clinical outcomes of patients with multidisciplinary management of cochleo-vestibular schwannoma
EANS Academy, Philippe Bijlenga, 275377
Trigeminal root massage in the surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia patients without arterial contact
EANS Academy, Enrique Urculo, 275398
Medical students' recruitment in neurosurgery: review of past research and future directions in a EU-based perspective
EANS Academy, Vittorio Stumpo, 275399
Trigeminal neuralgia in multiple sclerosis patients: a systematic review on the effectiveness of percutaneous procedures
EANS Academy, Pavel Sharma, 275400
Accuracy of atlanto-axial screw fixation using intraoperative 3D fluoroscopy and spinal navigation
EANS Academy, Gianpaolo Jannelli, 275419
Dual pathologies: pial arteriovenous fistula in combination with an arteriovenous malformation
EANS Academy, Gianpaolo Jannelli, 275420
Predictors of inpatient mortality and length of stay in patients with spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage
EANS Academy, Chao-Chun Yang, 275421
Demographics of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
EANS Academy, Konstantinos Vlachos, 275435
A single endoscopic assisted keyhole approach to multicompartment extensive skull base epidermoid tumors
EANS Academy, A Samy Youssef, 275436
Presentation of an en plaque meningioma as a cutaneous nodule
EANS Academy, Konstantinos Vlachos, 275437
Surgical treatment of spinal cord intramedullary tumors: experience of more than 750 cases
EANS Academy, Nikolay Konovalov, 275454
Modern approach to the treatment of ependymomas of the brain and spinal cord in children
EANS Academy, Gennady Egorovich Chmutin, 275455
Intraoperative computed tomography and surgical navigation system combination in spinal surgery: effectiveness and safety
EANS Academy, Dmitry Asyutin, 275457
Role of propionibacterium acnes intervertebral disk infection in its degeneration: preliminary results
EANS Academy, Konstantinos Vlachos, 275474
Augmented reality (AR) assisted ventricular catheter placement: design, implementation and first results
EANS Academy, Max Schneider, 275475
Hybrid surgery for the degenerative changes of the cervical spine
EANS Academy, Matjaz Vorsic, 275476
Effect of physical activity on quality of life and psychological well-being in high-grade glioma patients: a randomized study protocol
EANS Academy, Nikola Jeker, 275492
Polymethyl methacrylate cranioplasty is an effective ultrasound window to explore intracranial structures. Preliminary experience and future perspectives
EANS Academy, Giannantonio Spena, 275493
Retrospective review of factors associated with survival in patients treated with Gamma Knife for recurrent glioblastoma
EANS Academy, Dheerendra Prasad, 275494
Intracranial abscess as the first manifestation of multiple pulmonary arteriovenous malformations and Osler-Weber-Rendu disease
EANS Academy, Julija Dolgopolova, 275511
Vestibular schwannoma in Ukraine
EANS Academy, Volodymyr Fedirko, 275512
Surgical treatment of anterior communicating artery aneurysms: hints and precautions for young cerebrovascular surgeons
EANS Academy, LUCA RICCIARDI, 275513
New dedicated biorepository for neurooncology of the N.N. Burdenko National Medical Research Center for Neurosurgery: a step forward to the personalized medicine
EANS Academy, Denis Golbin, 275527
Urgent successful treatment of A2 dissecting aneurysm
EANS Academy, Csaba Oláh, 275528
Long-term excess mortality after chronic subdural hematomas
EANS Academy, Minna Rauhala, 275546
Early success in cranioplasty might aid in rehabilitation of young adults and children following decompressive craniectomy for trauma
EANS Academy, Leon Levi, 275547
Clinical experience of dabrafenib in combination with trametinib treatment for anaplastic PXA case
EANS Academy, Takashi Maruyama, 275564
Intradural lumbar disc herniation: a case report
EANS Academy, Julija Dolgopolova, 275565
Rare lesions with rare locations. A case report of surgically treated solitary brainstem tuberculoma
EANS Academy, Nikolay Gabrovsky, 275579
Treatment of ruptured aneurysms of posterior inferior cerebellar artery in four patients. Case report and review of literature
EANS Academy, Nikolay Velntinov Velinov, 275581
Spontaneous closure of an intracranial arteriovenous malformation seven months after rupture
Treatment of hydrocephalus and endoscopic tumor biopsy of the III-rd ventricle region
EANS Academy, Volodymyr Mykhalyuk, 275598
Implication of alpha 2-antiplasmin in haematoma expansion after spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage
EANS Academy, Oluwaseun Sobowale, 275599
Perineurioma as a rare variant of peripheral nerve sheath tumor
EANS Academy, Zdenek Mackerle, 275600
Workforce planning in the UK - what can we predict using the trends over the past 5 years?
EANS Academy, Kathrin Whitehouse, 275617
Defining the immune fingerprint in CSF: a step towards point of care testing
EANS Academy, Joseph Merola, 275618
Identifying the rogue by the mugshot: morphological predictors of aneurysmal rupture
EANS Academy, Nitin Mukerji, 275619
A case of traumatic orbital roof fracture with a good outcome in young children due to stick of traditional small hand drum(percussion instrument)
EANS Academy, You-Nam Chung, 275635
Penetrating brain injury by gunshot wounds - a fortunate ending for a tragedy
EANS Academy, Filipe Vaz da Silva, 275636
Degenerative retro-odontoid pseudotumour with myelopathy - posterior approach as an efficient solution
EANS Academy, Filipe Vaz da Silva, 275637
Outcome of moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries at a London Major Trauma Centre
EANS Academy, Yi Wang, 275655
Modern aspects of treatment of extramedullary spinal cord tumors
EANS Academy, Roman Onoprienko, 275656
Sagittal balance correction in degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis treatment using I-CT with navigation system
EANS Academy, Evgeniy Brinyuk, 275657
Is it possible to treat spinal extradural meningeal cysts through microinvasive surgery? Review of 6 cases
EANS Academy, Seul Kee Lee, 275672
Minimal invasive nonfusion technique for the treatment of noncontiguous lumbar burst fractures in young age patient: a case report
EANS Academy, Ji Ho Jung, 275673
Estimation of supratotal resection in routine clinical activity: a comparison between two segmentation approaches
EANS Academy, Marco Conti Nibali, 275674
Ebrain. A growing neurosurgical educational resource
EANS Academy, Simon Thomson, 275689
Neuronavigation assisted spinal surgery: surgical workflow, a video report
EANS Academy, CARLOS VIOR, 275690
Application of awake craniotomy and intraoperative brain mapping for surgical resection of insular gliomas of the dominant hemisphere
EANS Academy, Mohammad Rahmani, 275691
Immediate versus delayed surgical treatment of cervical disc herniation for acute motor deficits: the impact of surgical timing on functional outcome
EANS Academy, Alice Görke, 275705
Intraoperative 3D Fluoroscopy - an intraoperative tool allowing a better surgical outcome for DCM - presentation of the study protocole and preliminary results
EANS Academy, Julien Delaunois, 275706
Visual outcomes following optic radiation tractography-based resection of occipital tumors
EANS Academy, Arnold Etame, 275707
The benefits of apparent diffusion coefficient maps for high-grade glioma delineation
EANS Academy, Radim Jancalek, 275724
TSH-secreting pituitary adenomas: single institutional Experience of 14 consecutive cases
EANS Academy, Joonho Byun, 275725
Monofasic synovial sarcoma mimicking schwannoma: a rare case of peripheral nerve tumor
EANS Academy, Alessandra Turrini, 275726
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis manifesting as subacute subdural hematoma in Down's syndrome patient
EANS Academy, Ayman Khalil, 275740
Combined multiportal approaches for the management of orbital and cranial base lesions: lessons learned in a multi-disciplinary series of 20 cases
EANS Academy, Francesco Restelli, 275741
The first meningioma-surgery and Francesco Durante - his travel through Europe
EANS Academy, Santino Ottavio Tomasi, 275742
The BNTRC Chiari 1 study: proposal for a prospective, multi-centre cohort study
EANS Academy, Rory J. Piper, 275758
Endoscopic endonasal approach for pituitary adenomas: a single center experience
EANS Academy, Aimilia Moraiti, 275759
Intraventricular central neurocytoma: report of five cases and literature review
EANS Academy, Luis Santos Cardoso, 275760
Anatomical meningo-orbital band evaluation and clinical implications: a cadaveric dissection study
EANS Academy, Pasquale Anania, 275775
Avoidance of thrombolysis in spontaneous cervical spinal epidural hematoma mimicking stroke: multi-center study of 38 cases
EANS Academy, Jun Muto, 275776
Preliminary experience with a digital robotic exoscope in cranial and spinal surgery: a review of the Synaptive Modus V system
EANS Academy, Sajjad Muhammad, 275777
Surgical preference regarding different materials for patients requiring cranioplasty for calvarial defects: results from an internal audit covering the last 20 years
EANS Academy, Salvatore Chibbaro, 275794
Analysis of survival patterns according to IDH1 status, histology, grade and clinical data in a series of grade II and grade III supratentorial gliomas
EANS Academy, Olga Mateo-Sierra, 275795
Risk factors for cerebrospinal fluid leak following endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary adenoma surgery
EANS Academy, Patrícia Polónia, 275796
Quality of sleep and working memory in patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy individuals
EANS Academy, Vaitsa Giannouli, 275812
Complication prevention methods in brain glioma surgery: analysis of a single-institution series
EANS Academy, Bruno Splavski, 275813
Re-initiating antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy after traumatic intra-cranial haemorrhage
EANS Academy, Helen Ota, 275814
Earlier developed secondary craniosynostosis due to V-P shunt disfunction: case
EANS Academy, Mustafa Kemal Coban, 275829
Role of nurses in thymine administration in alcoholic head injury patients in the neurosurgery ICU and ward
EANS Academy, Renu Rani, 275830
An audit of meningiomas operated over 10 year period
EANS Academy, Prakash Shetty, 275832
Complications after cranioplasty autologous and heterologous a single institute experience of 50 cases in a 5 years period and review of the literature
EANS Academy, Charalampos Gatos, 275851
Chemosensory function in posttraumatic patients: the role of olfactory distortions
EANS Academy, Adrien May, 275852
Principle of anterior skull base reconstruction following endoscopic endonasal and combined endoscopic-transcranial approach: technical note
EANS Academy, Francesco Restelli, 275853
The effects of mannitol on whole blood viscosity and filterability
EANS Academy, Radoslaw Rola, 275869
Multimodal surgical management of supratentorial brain cavernous malformation: initial experience
EANS Academy, Francesco Certo, 275870
The surgical planning in endoscopic surgery of ventricular colloid cysts: tips and tricks learned from experience in twenty six cases
EANS Academy, Domenico Catapano, 275871
The management of cervical spine fractures without neurological deficit outside a specialist centre: our experience in the West of Scotland
EANS Academy, Kevin Agyemang, 275886
Investigating the correlation between brain parenchymal oxygen and cerebral arterial flow velocities in aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
EANS Academy, Morrakot Sae-Huang, 275887
Bedside stereotactic guidance for bolt-EVD insertion: a single centre experience
EANS Academy, Hazem Abuhusain, 275890
Brainstem cavernomas: a surgical challenge
EANS Academy, CARLOS VIOR, 275904
Adrenocorticotropic axis modification in head trauma: contribution of a case series
EANS Academy, Daniela Matos, 275905
Dysplastic distal anterior cerebral artery aneurysm, in an infant, presenting with rupture: a therapeutic challenge
EANS Academy, Daniela Matos, 275907

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