New insights in management of spinal injuries in poly-traumatized patients: retrospective study and literature review
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Second-look Strokectomy of Cerebral Infarction Areas in Patients with Severe Herniation
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Surgical outcome of endoscopic carpal tunnel release in elderly patients with carpal tunnel syndrome
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An under-recognised risk factor? A rare case of ossified lumbar ligamentum flavum in a Caucasian - case report and literature review
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A Comparison of Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion versus Hybrid Surgery (Fusion Combined with Artificial Disc Replacement) in Multiple Level Cervical Disease
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Comparison of Motor and Pain Outcome of Pallidal Stimulation plus Ventralis Oralis Thalamotomy versus Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy in Adult with Severe Cerebral Palsy
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Adult pilocytic astrocytoma : The role of adjuvant radiotherapy in residual lesion A Retrospective Analysis on 13 Patients
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Results and recurrence of intracranial meningiomas: Retrospective analysis of 187 cases
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Extradural spinal tumors: report of 36 cases and review of literature
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Impact of Tumor Volumetric Parameters on Overall Survival in GBM Patients
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Qualitative and quantitative assessment criteria of cross-polarization optical coherence tomography images for differentiation glioma and white matter
EANS Academy, Konstantin Yashin, 225694
The use of TachoSil® associated to fibrin glue as dural sealant in spinal intradural tumors surgery
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PGE2 causes biphasic vasomotor response of human cerebral arterioles
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Intra- and interindividual differences of health perception and utilities: a method to evaluate quality of life in patients with intracranial eloquent tumors
EANS Academy, Vicki Butenschoen, 225725
Continuous dynamic mapping to avoid accidental injury of the facial nerve during surgery of large vestibular schwannomas
EANS Academy, Kathleen Seidel, 225726
Posterior circulation aneurysms: are PICAs different than the others?
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Cranioplasty after severe traumatic brain injury: effects of trauma and patient recovery on cranioplasty outcome
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Decompressive craniectomy as a second/third tier intervention in traumatic brain injury: a multicentre observational study
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Clinical case of unruptured giant aneurysm with therapeutic success
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3D-Virtual Reality for resident education in vascular neurosurgery
EANS Academy, Davide Croci, 225773
The relationship between surgical methods and recurrence for chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH) and an analysis of postoperative computed tomography (CT) scan for delayed CSDH recurrence
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Choice of type of revascularization in treatment patients with Moyamoya Disease
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Double consecutive lumbar discectomy: Is fixation a rule?
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Granulomatous reaction on a double-level cervical total disc arthroplasty : case report
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Recurrence of vestibular schwannoma after gross total, near total and subtotal microsurgical resection
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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Serious Health and Social Problem
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Triple Conjoint lumbosacral nerve root: a special case of sciatic pain
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Predictors of primary autograft cranioplasty survival and resorption after craniectomy
EANS Academy, Jussi Posti, 225840
Effect of novel unconstrained-type artificial disc in hybrid cervical surgery in terms of adjacent segment degeneration and motion preservation
EANS Academy, Myung-Soo Song, 225841
Risk factors of development of infectious complications after gunshot wounds to the skull and brain in acute and early periods
EANS Academy, Iurii Perekopaiko, 225857
Optical needle system for tissue differentiation and blood vessels detection during stereotactic biopsy of brain tumors
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Chronic unstable type II odontoid fracture discovered 50 years post-trauma
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Short- and long-term outcome after chronical subdural hematomas by surgical treatment in the very old
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Augmented reality assisted extraction of mastoid-trapped bullet residues: a technical report
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Isolated subarachnoid hemorrhage in mild traumatic brain injury: is a repeat CT scan necessary?
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The asleep-awake technique for cerebral tumor surgery - anesthetic management
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The usefulness of intraoperative constructive interference in steady-state MRI sequencing during endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery
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Endoscopic endonasal odontoidectomy for irreducible ventral bulbo medullary compression: long term follow up
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Fluorescein-Guided Surgery for Resection of High-Grade Gliomas: A Multicentric Prospective Phase II Study (FLUOGLIO)
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Factors of unfavorable prognosis for endovascular embolization of ruptured aneurysms
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A structural study of cranial dura mater in humans and in pigs - data for traumatic brain injury simulation
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Dormancy and NKG2D system in brain metastases: mechanisms of tumor immunosurveillance
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Risks and Benefits of Spinal Internal Fixation: Are We Misinformed?
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Clinical experience of impressive unruptured aneurysms
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A complex case of skull base chondrosarcoma and an MCA aneurysm:case report
Preserving visual field in awake surgery: a new intraoperative test
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Neuroimaging of White Matter Recovery: A New Outcome Measure in Tumor Surgery
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Sacroiliac joint neuroablation using Quadrapolar™ radiofrequency lesioning: a small center experience
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Intracranial Pial Arteriovenous Fistula - Surgical Challenging´s and a review of a rare differential diagnosis
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Functional Hemispherectomy for uncontrollable epilepsy: seizure control in challenging cases
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T7 transpedicular corpectomy and vertebral shortening in a 15 years female
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No influence of Global sagittal Balance on clinical outcome following pedicle screw instrumentation in degenerative thoracolumbar cases
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The results of surgical treatment at patients with complicated spinal injury depending on the level of injury and the time between trauma and surgery
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Neuronavigation-guided wake-up craniotomy for left temporal cavernous haemangioma
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In-situ bone regeneration of large cranial defects using synthetic ceramic implant
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Pencil beam scanning proton radiotherapy in the treatment of adult chordoma and chondrosarcoma
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Staged surgical reconstruction of severe carotid kinking for endovascular approach in treatment of giant cerebral aneurysms
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Fluorescent diagnostics in brain and spinal cord tumors neurosurgery
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Functional brain connectivity in incomplete spinal cord injury
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Glioblastoma associated with an arteriovenous malformation
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Analysis of main clinical and pathological data on a series of diffuse gliomas reclassified after introduction of 2016 WHO classification of brain tumours
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The impact of the surgical approach on clinical outcome following brainstem cavernoma resection
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Proposing a novel forty/forty rule for surgical management of chronic subdural hematoma - a computer assisted volumetric 3D analysis
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The role of Graded Prognostic Assessment (GPA) for surgical decision in patients with brain metastases
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Factors associated with more surgical reintervention and worse functional outcome in bilateral chronic subdural hematoma
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Validation of training with rat model box in endonasal neuro-endoscopic surgery
Surgical treatment of tentorial meningiomas - series and literature review
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Spinal meningiomas: surgical outcome and literature review
EANS Academy, Luis Cardoso, 226165
First UK experience with navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation in pre-surgical mapping
EANS Academy, Josephine Jung, 227400
Artery of Adamkiewicz: a meta-analysis of anatomical characteristics and review of implications in thoracolumbar spinal surgery
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Our experiense the surgical treatment of high degree spondilolisthesis (spondiloptosis)
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Fluorescence video angiography for evaluation of patency and patent artery integrity in a preclinical experimental setting
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Impact of intraoperative stimulation mapping on high-grade glioma surgery outcome: a meta-analysis
EANS Academy, Jasper Kees Wim Gerritsen, 227701
Primary lymphoma of the skull: report of two cases
EANS Academy, Dehmani Yedas, 227717
Influence of cervical arthroplasty on the range of motion of the cervical spine
EANS Academy, Miroslav Vukic, 227736
RNA deconvolution reveals a myeloid-dominant immunogenetic landscape in intracranial schwannomas
EANS Academy, Jacky Yeung, 227753
Methods to design effective undergraduate surgical curricula: our neurosurgical pilot and perspective
EANS Academy, John Gerrard Hanrahan, 227769
Does transverse diameter of the cervical spinal canal play a role on CSM development?
EANS Academy, Murat Sayin, 227785
Preoperative planning using navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation in the surgery of motor eloquent region tumors
EANS Academy, Maxim Evgenievich Eroshenko, 227802
Erythropoietin for the treatment of subarachnoid hemorrhage
EANS Academy, Giovanni Grasso, 227818
Importance of the extent of resection for progression free and overall survival of glioblastoma patients
EANS Academy, Rosanda Ilic, 227834
Meningeal Castleman´s disease
The use of twist drill craniostomy in frame based stereotactic surgery for brain tumors: single institution experience
EANS Academy, Fadi Almahariq, 227850
Survival rates and trends on subependymal giant cell astrocytoma using surveillance, epidemiology and end results (SEER) data
EANS Academy, Trey Baird, 227866
Safe entry zones to the pontine portion of the brainstem anatomic and surgical relationship
EANS Academy, Maximiliano Nuñez, 227867
Accidental cerebrospinal fluid overdrainage of external lumbar drain : a serious complication during benign intracranial tumors´ surgery. Case report
EANS Academy, Panagiotis Papanikolaou, 227882
Prognostic factors in penetrating gunshot head injuries
EANS Academy, Panagiotis Papanikolaou, 227883
Intraoperative neuroophysiological monitoring during removing gliomas
EANS Academy, Julia Lakhina, 227898
Safe entry zones into brainstem: a systematic review
EANS Academy, Yang Yang, 227899
Unilateral dynamic stabilization after unilateral facetectomy: report of 16 cases
EANS Academy, Ali Dalgõc, 227914
Neurosurgical treatment of intraorbital tumors - report of four cases
EANS Academy, Dragan Janković, 227915
Current MCA aneurysm treatment: single-institution experience
EANS Academy, Goran Mrak, 227931
Evaluating clinical outcome in treatment of posterior fossa pilocytic astrocytomas in pediatric population
EANS Academy, Aleksandar Chaparoski, 227932
Dysplastic distal anterior cerebral artery aneurysm, in an infant, presenting with rupture: a therapeutic challenge
EANS Academy, Ricardo Pereira, 227947
An intraoperative surprise
EANS Academy, Wisam Al-Faiadh, 227948
Early-career surgical practice for cerebellopontine angle tumors in the era of radiosurgery
EANS Academy, Giannantonio Spena, 227964
Correction of the sagittal balance of the spine during surgical treatment of patients with degenerative stenosis of the lumbar spine using iCT with navigation system
EANS Academy, Nikolay Konovalov, 227965
Long non-coding RNA analysis in glioblastoma
EANS Academy, Martin Smrčka, 234064

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