Does a history of lumbar spine surgery predict radiological cauda equina compression in patients undergoing MRI for suspected cauda equina syndrome?
EANS Academy, Andreas Demetriades, 275284
Spontaneous thoracic spinal epidural hematoma during pregnancy: a case report and literature review
EANS Academy, Antonios Vakis, 275286
Aggressive growth of hemangioblastoma after partial resection in patient with Von Hippel-Lindau disease
EANS Academy, Armen Simonyan, 275287
Our experience with PEEK cranioplasty implant on patient with massive skull defect
EANS Academy, Xinzhi Zhang, 275303
Safe entry zones to the anterolateral pons in an anterior transpetrosal approach
EANS Academy, Antonio Bernardo, 275304
Factors influencing 'patient reported outcome measures' in spinal patients
EANS Academy, Andrew MacCormick, 275305
A modern view on the diagnosis and treatment of severe traumatic brain injury
EANS Academy, Guia Shahinian, 275319
Differential treatment of victims with severe traumatic brain injury using the FOUR scale
EANS Academy, Guia Shahinian, 275320
Current and future applications of virtual reality in surgery: an analysis of trends over 10 years
EANS Academy, Antonio Bernardo, 275321
Surgical treatment of drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsies in Moscow
EANS Academy, Olga Kordonskaia, 275340
Surgery vs no surgery in MRI positive temporal drug resistant forms of epilepsy
EANS Academy, Igor Trifonov, 275341
Preplanned single-stage cranioplasties after resection of tumors involving the neurocranium using 3D virtual planning and printing. Technical note and postoperative accuracy analysis
EANS Academy, Hanne-Rinck Jeltema, 275342
The importance of morphological and clinical classifications of lumbar spine stenosis in the preoperative planning
EANS Academy, David Bludovsky, 275360
Intramedullary spinal tumor surgery: my experience
EANS Academy, Prabin Shrestha, 275361
Type II dens fractures: demographics and treatment experience of a single center over 10 years
EANS Academy, Daniele Bongetta, 275362
Carpel ligament release for carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) under local anesthesia: our experience with 277 cases
EANS Academy, Gopal Sharma, 275380
Peek cranial fixation systems: long-term safety and performance
EANS Academy, Carlos Asencio Cortes, 275381
Sports & exercise related traumatic brain injury in the Republic of Ireland
EANS Academy, Philip J O'Halloran, 275382
Safety and efficacy of vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) therapy for deep spinal infections with exposed dura
EANS Academy, Sami Ridwan, 275404
Intraoperative hip flexion facilitates insertion of larger interbody spacers during transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion procedures
EANS Academy, Gabriel Tender, 275405
Time course of Interleukin 6 levels in the CSF and serum of patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage and delayed cerebral ischemia - a single center experience
EANS Academy, Sami Ridwan, 275406
Pterional minicraneotomy for the treatment of anterior circulation aneurysms not broken. Pearls and pitfalls
EANS Academy, Fernando Munoz, 275424
Screening tools for early neuropsychological impairment after subarachnoid hemorrhage
EANS Academy, Ilari Rautalin, 275425
Metallosis in a patient operated with pedicle screws for an L4-L5 lysthesis correction
EANS Academy, Celia Ortega-Angulo, 275426
Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy combined with Autologous Conditioned Plasma for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation
EANS Academy, En Song, 275441
Two cases of giant retroperitoneal intermuscular lipoma of the gluteus muscles presenting with sciatic pain
EANS Academy, Peter Ilkov, 275442
Intradiscal and epidural PRP/ACP Injection for the treatment of chronic discogenic low back pain
EANS Academy, En Song, 275443
Oculomotor dysfunction in patients with mild traumatic brain injury during subacute stage
EANS Academy, Yilong Wu, 275460
Surgical neuromodulation for the treatment of chronic pelvic pain
EANS Academy, Elena Shevchenko, 275462
Endovascular treatment of anterior communicating artery aneurysms. A single center experience
EANS Academy, Moisey Aronov, 275463
Validation of visual analogue pain scale in patients underwent lumbar surgery
EANS Academy, Vadim Bikmullin, 275479
Investigation of facet joint angle features' role in the development of spondylosis in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis canal
EANS Academy, Cem Atabey, 275480
Surgical treatment patients with «high» tortuosity of the ICA
EANS Academy, Olga Kordonskaia, 275482
Efficacy of endoscopic lumber discectomy for sciatica treatment
EANS Academy, Muhammad Khalid Khanzada, 275497
Hippocampal sclerosis and clinical outcome in MTLE surgery patients
EANS Academy, Eva Brichtova, 275498
Pediatric gamma knife radiosurgery under monitored anesthesia care: initial experience at our institution
EANS Academy, Kotoe Kamata, 275499
Fully endoscopic transorbital approach for intraconal meningioma
EANS Academy, Angela Dele Rampini, 275516
Pituitary macroadenomas: Glasgow´s experience of conservative and surgical management
EANS Academy, Kevin Agyemang, 275517
Massive ischemic stroke : a rare neurological presentation of acute promyelocyte leukemia
EANS Academy, Manoel Vidal, 275518
Interleukin 10 and heart fatty-acid binding protein as early outcome predictors in patients with traumatic brain injury
EANS Academy, Jussi Posti, 275533
The feasibility of bypass surgery between the common carotid artery and the v2 segment of the vertebral artery
EANS Academy, Naci Balak, 275535
Microneurosurgery for a rare thoracic intramedullary glioneuronal tumor in a child: a 2-dimensional operative video
EANS Academy, Naci Balak, 275536
The neuropathological and epidemiological differences in diffuse and anaplastic gliomas according to gadolinium contrast enhancement in T1-weighted MRI
EANS Academy, Christian Freyschlag, 275551
Introducing music in neurosurgical perioperative management: an introduction to a clinical trial and call for multicentric study
EANS Academy, Koy Chong Ng Kee Kwong, 275552
Prevalence of anemia and its relationship with neurological status in patients undergoing surgery for degenerative cervical myelopathy and radiculopathy: a retrospective study of 2 centers
EANS Academy, Aria Nouri, 275553
Bilateral posterior fracture - dislocation of the shoulders in a patient with olfactory groove meningioma
EANS Academy, Nikolay Velntinov Velinov, 275569
Straight to the point: an updated technique for performing lumbar puncture safely in obese patients
EANS Academy, Amad Khan, 275570
Supratentorial cortical anaplastic ependymoma mimicking glioblastoma: a need for reclassification?
EANS Academy, Salman Alahmed, 275571
Improving undergraduate neurosurgical education using patient-specific 3D models
EANS Academy, John Gerrard Hanrahan, 275588
Giant cerebral epithelioid fibrosarcoma: case report and literature review
EANS Academy, Celia Ortega-Angulo, 275589
Minimally invasive methods for treatment of pathology of extra-and intracranial arteries (PEIA)
EANS Academy, Victor Lukianchikov, 275590
Percutaneous versus open spinal instrumentation in patients with spondylodiscitis: a comparative study
EANS Academy, Ann-Kathrin Joerger, 275606
Improving tractography in brainstem cavernoma patients by distorsion correction
EANS Academy, Sebastian Ille, 275607
The management of skull base reconstraction in pediatric patients: our experience
EANS Academy, Ingrid Raponi, 275608
Expanded endoscopic endonasal approach for suprasellar epidermoid cyst
EANS Academy, Marta Rico Pereira, 275624
Vanishing cerebral aneurysm on MRA: a case report
EANS Academy, Kazunori Fujiwara, 275625
Pituitary apoplexy without visual impairment - wait-and-see as a valid approach
EANS Academy, Filipe Vaz da Silva, 275641
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea in the primary cabergoline treatment of prolactinomas
EANS Academy, Liudmila Astaf'eva, 275642
Epidemiology of cranio-cerebral trauma caused by assault and self-harm treated within the neurosurgery services of the Republic of Moldova
EANS Academy, Mindrigan Eugeniu, 275661
A case of spontaneous distal posterior inferior cerebellar artery dissection presenting with intraventricular hemorrhage and acute thrombosis
EANS Academy, Hyung Jin Lee, 275662
Is a surgical decision of hematoma evacuation in patients with deep coma after basal ganglia hemorrhage justified? Case report
EANS Academy, Walid El gaddafi, 275679
CProphylactic indirect decompression of C4-5 foramen in multi-level cervical laminectomy/fusion & incidence of post-operative C5 palsy
EANS Academy, Kimberly Ashayeri, 275680
Surgical sight infection after brain tumour resection: the case for an infection care bundle
EANS Academy, Alistair Lawrence, 275695
Instrumented lumbar revision surgery in octogenarians
EANS Academy, Jürgen-Volker Anton, 275696
Conscious sedation with dexmedetomidine during spinal cord stimulator lead placement increases optimal lead position without hemodynamic or cognitive side effects
EANS Academy, Abdulhamid Ciçek, 275710
Primary spinal Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: a case report
EANS Academy, Louis Vansteenbrugge, 275711
Disconnection brain surgery for pediatric refractory epilepsy
EANS Academy, Kevin Fernando Venegas Hidalgo, 275712
Trigeminal neuralgia: microvascular decompression versus percutaneous techniques, 15 years experience
EANS Academy, Ricardo Nogueira, 275729
Adult craniopharyngioma: comparative analysis of transcranial surgery with transnasal endoscopic surgery
EANS Academy, Ricardo Nogueira, 275730
Cranial skull tumors - retrospective analysis of patients operated during 7 years
EANS Academy, Ricardo Nogueira, 275731
Percutaneous Ileo-Alar-Lumbar (PIAL) fusion: novel MIS technique for severe sacral destruction
EANS Academy, James Boddu, 275745
Natural language processing for the automated classification of free-text pathology reports of brain tumor patients
EANS Academy, Joeky T. Senders, 275746
Outcome in surgery for frontal lobe epilepsy
EANS Academy, Amanda Oostra, 275749
Frontal epidural hematoma with concomitant orbital subperiosteal hematoma
EANS Academy, Luis Santos Cardoso, 275763
AICA syndrome of the vestibulocochlear nerve: a rare cause of tinnitus
EANS Academy, Luis Santos Cardoso, 275764
Extraneural metastasis of medulloblastoma: a case presentation and review of the literature
EANS Academy, Teresa Kitko, 275765
Case report: a delayed thoracic spinal cord infarction after a decompressive surgery with a 2 steps TH10 to S2 corrective procedure
EANS Academy, Ulysse Coneys, 275780
How to handle and adapt therapy with directional leads in deep brain stimulation
EANS Academy, Cordula Matthies, 275781
Middle cranial fossa approach: anatomical study on skull base triangles as a landmark for a safety anterior petrosectomy
EANS Academy, Pasquale Anania, 275782
Extended endoscopic endonasal approach for resection of tuberculum sellae meningioma
EANS Academy, Domenico Catapano, 275800
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and epidural pseudomeningocoele: management of a rare complication following L5 nerve root block
EANS Academy, Laura Pradini Santos, 275802
Clinical experience in operative treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis without segmental instability
EANS Academy, Aleksandar Chaparoski, 275803
Glioblastoma treatment in elderly patients: is it different than in younger patients? A single-institution outcome analysis based on a surgical multimodal approach
EANS Academy, Francesco Certo, 275817
Dopamine agonist-induced rhinorrhea in the management of invasive prolactinomas: a literature review
EANS Academy, Helen Ota, 275818
Does attendance at undergraduate neurosurgical conferences encourage subsequent student participation in neurosurgical activities?
EANS Academy, Hazel Sanghvi, 275819
Post craniotomy headache in patients with malign intracranial tumors - a single center observational study
EANS Academy, Amelia Koidl, 275837
When a benign disease turns into disaster: a unique case of a surgically treated hemorrhagic sylvian fissure meningioma
EANS Academy, Giannantonio Spena, 275838
Assessing clinical reasoning performance of residents in patient safety using the Script Concordance Test (SCT) in an academic setting
EANS Academy, Vincent Lubrano, 275840
Spinal injuries after jumping from the Mostar old bridge: from tourist attraction to neurosurgical challenge
EANS Academy, Ivana Bulić, 275856
Surgery for insular lesions: technical nuances
EANS Academy, Kuntal Das, 275857
The 'nine' syndrome plus vertical gaze palsy after surgical resection of pontine cavernous malformation
EANS Academy, camilo benavides burbano, 275860
Our initial experience of functional perinsular hemispherotomy for severe forms symptomatic epilepsy
EANS Academy, Valerii Cheburakhin, 275874
Awake craniotomy for primary brain tumors - our experiences
EANS Academy, Tilen Zele, 275875
Case report of a long term survival in a patient with MGMT/IDH-1 mutation glioblastoma multiforme
EANS Academy, Blagoj Shuntov, 275876
Endoscope-assisted rescue clipping of an anterior communicating aneurysm
EANS Academy, Thibault Passeri, 275893
An unusual asymptomatic presentation of adult polyglucosan body disease
EANS Academy, Julien Delaunois, 275894
Assessing feasibility of supraorbital craniotomy for anterior skullbase tumour resection using patient-specific 3D models
EANS Academy, thomas doke, 275895
Machine learning to predict in-hospital morbidity and mortality after traumatic brain injury
EANS Academy, Kazuya Matsuo, 275910
Application of extracorporeal circulation and other techniques in surgery for large cerebral aneurysms
EANS Academy, Yoshimasa Niiya, 275911
Iatrogenic common iliac vessels injury during routine degenerative lumbar spine surgery treated with minimally invasive approach
EANS Academy, Borys Kwinta, 275912

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