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Patterns of acute inflammatory response to cell transplantation surgery at the graft site
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Dilemmas in early implantation of vagus nerve stimulation in patients with drug resistant epilepsy and depression - our experience
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Cortical and subcortical representation of the intercostal muscles: Is it time to revise the motor homunculus?
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First-in-human real-time MRI guided intra-arterial delivery of drug in patient with brain tumor
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Role of brain shift in the accuracy of neuronavigation systems during brain tumor surgery
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Surgical strategies to minimize morbidity in deep brain stimulation in a series of 240 DBS procedures
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Microvascular decompression for classic trigeminal neuralgia recurrence after percutaneous rhizotomy procedures
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Preoperative stereotactic radiosurgery of brain metastases
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Febrile seizures in epileptosurgery patients treated for mesiotemporal epilepsy: predictive factor for hippocampal sclerosis development?
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The expression of the intercellular communication proteins GAP43 and Cx43 in diffuse and anaplastic gliomas
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Lesional epilepsy surgery in brain mapping era (overcoming challenges in developing countries)
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Combined hemifacial spasm and progressive hearing loss treated by MVD of AICA crossing between VII/VIII nerves
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Intraoperative use and benefits of tractography in awake surgery patients
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Transsylvian surgery of the insular glial tumors
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Bilateral subcortical peri-electrode edema following GPi Deep Brain Stimulation surgery: case report
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The use of AI in neurosurgery triage and follow up
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Modern skull base surgery: The multiportal approach
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Approach to petrous apex lesions
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Step-wise algorithm for skull base reconstruction in endoscopic endonasal surgery: from the simple to the complex
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Annular repairment with Autologous Conditioned Plasma biological therapy for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation
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Multidisciplinary management of benign aggressive vertebral hemangiomasin a hybrid room facility: a case-series
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Is zero profile anchored spacer beneficial to patients rather than stand-alone cage
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Comparison of quality of life and emotional burden after transnasal versus transcranial anterior skull base surgery
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Submandibular approach for single-stage craniovertebral junction ventral decompression and stabilization: a preliminary cadaveric study of technical feasibility
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Overcoming fracture progression in complicated Kümmell's disease: feasibility of single-stage transpedicular vertebral body reconstruction
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Percutaneous vertebroplasty in pathological compression and traumatic vertebral fractures ( a single center study)
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Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy (FSRT) versus CyberKnife-Based hypofractionation in skull base meningioma
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Anterior location, sagittal malalignment and disc height loss below operated level increases cage subsidence - A review of 77 patients undergoing ACDF
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Reliable assessment of objective functional impairment (OFI) using five-repetition sit-to-stand testing (5R-STS) in an unsupervised, at-home setting: a prospective study in degenerative lumbar spinal patients
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Rhinological outcome in endoscopic transnasal skull base surgery - a prospective study
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Objective measures of outcome and functional impairment for degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine - systematic review of the literature
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Quality of life following endoscopic endonasal surgery for pituitary macroadenoma
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Comparison of surgical versus intradiscal ozone treatment of sciatica due to lumbar disc herniation
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10 years of experience in intraoperative MRI in pituitary surgery
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Posterior fossa lesion resection and post-operative hydrocephalus: a multicenter retrospective study for risk factor identification and state-of-art treatment methods
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Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy reliably identifies the cortical bone three millimeters before breach in spinal fixation surgery
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Identification of high-risk atypical meningiomas by using semantic and radiomic characteristics
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Sacroiliac joint fusion with triangular titanium implants results in significant improvement of pain and disability
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Switching from microscope to High-Definition 3-Dimensional exoscope in cerebrovascular surgery
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Neurocognitive and psychological assessment after treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms
EANS Academy, Arthur Wagner, 281689
Best Abstract in Vascular Neurosurgery: Surgical treatment of unruptured brain AVMs: short and long term results
EANS Academy, Vadim Gorozhanin, 281687
Clip vs coil
EANS Academy, Michael Tymianski, 281686
Modulation of risk factors (including drug therapy)
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The natural history of unrupted aneurysms
EANS Academy, Alberto Pasqualin, 281684
Pathophysiology of concussion: Implications for treatment
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Reproductive disorders and the ability to preserve the fertility of men with benign and malignant brain tumors
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Moving the neurosurgical frontiers with artificial intelligence: the era of machine learning
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The optimal suture technique and subsitute for the dura closing: an in-vitro model
EANS Academy, Florian Marc Ebel, 276015
Development of a 3D printed glioma model
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Cerebral aspergilloma - a modern case series
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Training the trainers: contemporary programs for expanding the global neurosurgery workforce
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A systematic review and meta-analysis of perioperative parameters in robot-guided, navigated, and freehand thoracolumbar pedicle screw instrumentation
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Female neurosurgeons in Europe - on a prevailing glass ceiling
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Development and validation of machine learning-based preoperative predictive analytics for lumbar spinal stenosis
EANS Academy, Marc L. Schröder, 275921
The draughtsmanship in Norman Dott's (1897-1973) medical illustrations
EANS Academy, Elspeth Hayes, 275941

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