Introduction of the European Lecture
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233888
Career Award - Bernard George
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 233886
Meningiomas - are we making progress?
EANS Academy, Torstein Meling, 233885
Ventricular irrigation in cases of cerebral ventriculitis; A prospective controlled study
EANS Academy, Ahmed AlMenabbawy, 259720
Indications and limits of endoscopic approaches
EANS Academy, Sebastien Froelich, 233884
Peripheral nerve surgery: facts and future anno 2018
EANS Academy, Robert Spinner, 233883
Reducing Surgical Morbidity: The Planned Combined Microsurgical/Radiosurgical Approach in the Treatment of Complex Skull Base Tumours
EANS Academy, Marc Levivier, 233882
Cerebrospinal fluid circulation: Paradigm shift
EANS Academy, Per Kristian Eide, 233881
Combining neuroimaging and blood biomarkers in the assessment of traumatic brain injuries
EANS Academy, Md. Iftakher Hossain, 233880
The effects of Interleukin-6 receptor antagonist in reduction of vasospasm and delayed cerebral injury in a rabbit closed cranium subarachnoid hemorrhage model
EANS Academy, Davide Croci, 233879
Cognitive control neural networks organisation and reshaping: a functional and structural neuroimaging study in low grade glioma patients
EANS Academy, Jerome Cochereau, 233878
Adaptive and maladaptive plasticity of brain networks following spinal cord injury
EANS Academy, Alkinoos Athanasiou, 233877
EANS Research Fund Grants Winners Introduction
EANS Academy, Peter Hutchinson, 233876
Last update in intensive care management
EANS Academy, Jean-Louis Vincent, 233875
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233874
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Neurotrauma & Critical Care: Prognostic value of corpus callosum injuries in severe head trauma
EANS Academy, Marta Cicuendez, 233873
Sports Concussion: A playing field for the neurosurgeon?
EANS Academy, Niklas Marklund, 233870
Coagulopathy in TBI
EANS Academy, Marc Maegele, 233868
Decompressive Craniectomy
EANS Academy, Peter Hutchinson, 233867
Global Initiatives to combat TBI
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Vascular Neurosurgery: Critical review of brain AVM surgery, surgical results and natural history in 2017
EANS Academy, Michael Morgan, 233865
Best Abstract in Vascular Neurosurgery: Risk factors for growth of intracranial aneurysms
EANS Academy, Giuseppe Lanzino, 233864
Aneurysmal rebleeding before therapy: A predictable Disaster?
EANS Academy, Marvin Darkwah Oppong, 233863
Last updates in the management of cavernomas
EANS Academy, Robert Spetzler, 233862
EANS Academy, Satoshi Kuroda, 233861
Intracranial Aneurysms Management: Future
EANS Academy, Christian Raftopoulos, 233860
Current status of the endoscopic hematoma evacuation and surgical innovations for the intracerebral hemorrhage
EANS Academy, Takuji Yamamoto, 233859
Future developments in functional neurosurgery, robotics and artificial intelligence
EANS Academy, Alim Benabid, 233858
EANS Academy, Claude Gilliard, 233857
Final word
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233856
Special guest
EANS Academy, Dirk Frimout, 233855
Special guest introduction
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233854
Belgian Health Minister
EANS Academy, Maggie De Block, 233852
Introduction of the Belgian Health Minister
EANS Academy, Jacques Brotchi, 233851
Past Medicine Faculty Dean - KU Leuven – University of Leuven
EANS Academy, Jan Goffin, 233850
ULB Rector
EANS Academy, Yvon Englert, 233849
BSN President
EANS Academy, Johannes Van Loon, 233848
EANS President
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 233847
EANS 2018 Congress President
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233846
Cranioplasty - Neuropsychological outcome in patients after traumatic brain injury
EANS Academy, Elena Sinbukhova, 225621
The Modified Far Lateral Approach for the Management of Meningiomas of the Foramen Magnum: A Novel Look of an Old Issue
EANS Academy, Alex Roman, 225622
The relation between flocculus volume and tinnitus after cerebellopontine angle tumor surgery
EANS Academy, Marc van Dijk, 225637
Resection of supratentorial lesions employing a combined surgical aspiration and monopolar stimulation device
EANS Academy, Nikhil Thakur, 225638
Risk Factor Analysis for Poor Outcomes in Supraorbital Keyhole Aneurysm Clipping for Ruptured Anterior Circulation Aneurysm
EANS Academy, Jun-Sang Park, 225654
Research Trends in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy (DCM): A systematic review
EANS Academy, Oliver Mowforth, 225655
WeMPiC: An Effective yet safe protocol to prevent DVT in neurosurgical patients
EANS Academy, Amit Thapa, 225670
Lateral extracavitary approach in a extremely rare Intraosseous Schwannoma of thoracic spine
EANS Academy, Manoel Vidal, 225671
Risk Factors for Dysphagia following Cervical Fusion in a Trauma Population
EANS Academy, Michael Lawless, 225686
Spinal subdural hematoma co-existing with cranial subdural hematoma
EANS Academy, kensuke hotta, 225687
Stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of parasellar meningiomas: long-term volumetric evaluation
EANS Academy, Or Cohen-Inbar, 225702
Fluorescence guided glioma excision using a novel & cost-effective solution : Experience with 25 cases
EANS Academy, Arvind Sukumaran, 225703
Treatment of Refractory Pituitary Tumor by Combination of Cabergoline and Chloroquine
EANS Academy, Zhebao Wu, 225718
DNA methylation-based subclassification of adult glioblastoma is related to survival and local T cell infiltration
EANS Academy, Joost Dejaegher, 225734
The effect of virtual reality simulation in neurosurgery: a single blinded randomised controlled trial
EANS Academy, Ali Rezaei Haddad, 225750
Treatment and outcome of thrombosed aneurysms of the middle cerebral artery: institutional experience and a systematic review
EANS Academy, ALFREDO PUCA, 225766
Clinical characteristics and course of secondary brain abscess
EANS Academy, Nicole Lange, 225785
EANS Academy, mauro campello, 225801
Functional and structural brain alterations by 10 kHz High-frequency spinal cord stimulation
EANS Academy, Sander De Groote, 225817
Dorsal Ectopic Breast in a Case of Spinal Dysraphism: A Rare Entity
EANS Academy, Mani Ratnesh Sandhu, 225833
use of spherical nitinol implant as prosthetics method in damaged intevertebral discs
EANS Academy, Ursula Campos Abrego, 225849
Clip vs Coil for MCA aneurysms: Pooled subgroup analysis of two ongoing RCTs
EANS Academy, Tim Darsaut, 225866
Dexamethasone in Chronic Subdural Haematoma (Dex-CSDH) Trial Update
EANS Academy, Ellie Edlmann, 225882
Supracerebellar Transtentorial Approach to the Mediobasal Temporal Region - our experience
EANS Academy, Jan Mracek, 225898
Navigated intra-operative 2-D ultrasound in high grade glioma surgery: impact on extent of resection and patient outcome
EANS Academy, Alessandro Moiraghi, 225914
Cerebellar pilomyxoid astrocytoma: a report of 2 cases and a literature review
EANS Academy, Mohamed Dehmani Yedeas, 225930
A new score predicting improvement of health related quality of life following cervical fusion
EANS Academy, Leonie Zeller, 225946
Double balloon kyphoplasty : tips and tricks
EANS Academy, Maxime Raket, 225962
Chronic primary spinal Hydatid disease: a purpose of a case
EANS Academy, RubŽn Diana Mart’n, 225978
Cervical intra medullary spinal cord abscess, rare entity
EANS Academy, rabah kouadria, 226010
FOXP2 expression analysis in glioblastoma
EANS Academy, Julio Plata Bello, 226026
Facial nerve proximity-tailored resection of primary extraaxial cerebellopontine angle tumors is associated with better late-term facial nerve function
EANS Academy, Milko Milev, 226042
Prolactin-secreting pituitary carcinomas (4 case reports)
EANS Academy, Liudmila Astaf'eva, 226058
Mesencephalic cavernoma in pregnancy: a case report
EANS Academy, Hessameldin Iranmanesh, 226075
A Machine Learning-Based Online Prediction Tool for Survival Prediction in High-Grade Glioma Patients
EANS Academy, Joeky T. Senders, 226092
Decompression and dynamic transpedicular stabilisation using PEEK rods and pedicle screws vs. decompression alone for 1-level spinal canal stenosis with listhesis - a retrospective study
EANS Academy, Lazar Tosic, 226108
Electroencephalographic pattern and Entropy correlations in Intra-Operative Neuro-Monitoring (IONM) during Spine Surgery. Giovanni Antioco Putzu
EANS Academy, Giovanni Antioco Putzu, 226125
Vein of Galen stenosis in the pathogenesis of non-aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
EANS Academy, Jonathan De Winter, 226141
Cranial and spinal hypertrophic pachymeningitis secondary to a tertiary hyperparathyroidism
EANS Academy, Julien Delaunois, 226157
Study of the effect of boost radiotherapy on survival for resected brain metastases
EANS Academy, Khandkar Kawsar, 226766
Jean Camus and Gustave Roussy: pioneering French researchers on the functions of infundibulo-tuberal area
EANS Academy, ines castro dufourny, 227649
Management of intrisic brainstem lesions in a developing country: difficulties & pitfalls
EANS Academy, Ahmed Farhoud, 227678
Application of fibre-optics combined autofluorescence technology for real time discrimination of glioma, infiltration zone, and normal brain tissue in a rat model
EANS Academy, Ming-Chao Huang, 227694
Cage-screw and anterior plating combination reduces the risk of pseudarthrosis in multi-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
EANS Academy, Alan Stein, 227710
Microsurgical resection of intracranial arteriovenous malformation: result in 197 patients
EANS Academy, Yunus Aydin, 227728
The surgery of the spinal canal tumors through the hemilaminectomy approach
EANS Academy, Rong Xie, 227746
Awake craniotomy for brain tumors: a retrospective analysis of the indications, post-operative deficits and survival
EANS Academy, Georges Versyck, 227762
The method of multilevel decompression of thoracic spine with the durotomy in the patients with spinal cord injury
EANS Academy, Mykola Salkov, 227778
PRE.cjk {font-family: ´NSimSun´, monospace} Different penetration genetic mother and daugther affect of von Hippel Lindau disease
EANS Academy, Estefania Utiel Monsálvez, 227795
Surgical approaches to extracerebral petro-clival tumors with infra-supratentorial expansion
EANS Academy, Andrii Naboichenko, 227811
Selective ec-ic bypass for revascularization of acute or chronic cerebral hypoperfusion region
EANS Academy, Iliya Grigoriev, 227827
A rare case report of giant pericallosal аrtery аneurysm and review of the literature
EANS Academy, Aleksandra Kosyrkova, 227843
Conservative management and drug treatment of peripheral neuropathies in young footballers
EANS Academy, Nikolaos Syrmos, 227859
Microsequestrectomy only is enough in practically every case of lumbar radiculopathy caused by disc rupture
EANS Academy, Panagiotis Papanikolaou, 227876
Intraoperative 3-dimensional computed tomography and navigation in the atlanto-axial fixation by traumatic sub-luxation in children: report of two cases
EANS Academy, Dieb Maloof, 227892
Trends in screening for blunt cerebrovascular injury in a consecutive cohort of severe head injury patients
EANS Academy, Jose Fernandez Alen, 227908
External ventricular drains versus other intracranial pressure monitors in the management of severe traumatic brain injury: a ten year two center experience
EANS Academy, Rianne G.F. Dolmans, 227924
Vestibular Schwannoma surgery in the elderly
EANS Academy, Mario Giarletta, 227941
Is the Spetzler-Martin classification surpassed? A surgical case series
EANS Academy, Daniela Matos, 227958
Acute spinal epidural hematoma associated with Warfarin
EANS Academy, Adem Dogan, 228088

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