When the drain hits the brain
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Surgery for acute subdural hematoma: the value of decompressive craniectomy by propensity score analysis
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Fluorescein and the YELLOW 560 Filter in Ganglioglioma surgery
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Generating fictive trigonocephaly data using a generative adversarial network to produce data to train deep learning algorithms
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Reduction of external ventricular drain associated infections after introduction of a chlorhexidine containing dressing
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International collaborative research initiative on chronic subdural haematoma (iCORIC); planning the future of CSDH trials and management
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Can patient-specific, three-dimensionally printed models help neurosurgeons communicate better with their patients?
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Spine and spinal cord tumor surgery: advanced treatment concept
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Timing of carotid endarterectomy after intravenous thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy
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Intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) evacuation by minimally invasive neurosurgery (MIN) techniques
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Does the speed of reduction in peripheral cortisol levels correlates with long term post hypophysectomy Cushing disease control?
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Obesity paradox in subarachnoid hemorrhage: a systematic review
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Potential target therapy in meningiomas: role of Dkk-3 and claudin-5
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Radiological outcomes after surgery for spinal myxopapillary ependymoma in the Republic of Ireland
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Successful endovascular treatment of low grade Brain AVMs
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Surgical treatment of olfactory groove meningioma - bifrontal interhemispheric vs unilateral approach
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Cerebral energy status and altered metabolism in early brain injury after aneurysmal SAH: first results of a prospective 31P-MRS study
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Time course of metabolomics in CSF after aneurysmal SAH
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Expanded endoscopic endonasal approach for orbital apex decompression
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Transpalpebral approach for microsurgical removal of tuberculum sellae meningiomas
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Correlation between stenosis of internal carotid artery and atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries
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What is the best therapeutic approach to a pediatric patient with a deep-seated brain AVM? A systematic review
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Preservation of anterior and posterior pituitary function during transnasal endoscopic surgery of craniopharyngiomas
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Carotid revascularization in patients with crescendo TIA (cTIA) and stroke in evolution (SIE)
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Minimally invasive approach for surgical treatment of craniovertebral junction meningiomas
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How should small unruptured intracranial aneurysms be managed? - a systematic literature study
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Machine learning-based preoperative predictive analytics in transsphenoidal surgery for Cushing´s disease: can we predict the future?
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Hyperostosis in meningiomas - a retrospective exploration of histological correlates
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Validation of the Subarachnoid Haemorrhage International Trialists' (SAHIT) score: single centre retrospective cohort comparison study
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Microsurgical treatment of large and giant ICA aneurysms
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Surgical nuances for safe resection of anterior clinoid meningiomas
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Systemic and CSF Interleukin-1alpha expression in a rabbit closed cranium subarachnoid haemorrhage model
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Monocyte / macrophage polarization and their therapeutic implications in SAH
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Timing is crucial in the treatment of patients with severe motor deficits caused by lumbar disc herniation
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The value of optic nerve sheath diameter measurement in assessing intracranial pressure using bedside ultrasound in resource limited setting
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Outcomes of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion without fixation: a single surgeon's experience
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Comparison of two surgical techniques in the management of acute SDH
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Tackling research inefficiency and imprecision - literature reviews & meta-analyses in degenerative cervical myelopathy
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Development of a new dural sealing device from the bench to the neurosurgical bed
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Unfulfilled information needs lead to higher anxiety levels in patients before and after informed consent for spine surgery
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Secondary damage after traumatic brain injury: the role of glycoprotein Ib
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Surgery for herniated lumbar disc in public vs private hospitals: a pragmatic comparative effectiveness study
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Diverse ischemic postconditioning protocols affect the infarction size in focal ischemic stroke
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Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for reduction and stabilization of single level burst fractures of the thoracolumbar and lumbar spine
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Retrospective evaluation of the TLICS and TLAOSIS scales for the treatment of thoracolumbar fractures: unicentric preliminary experience
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Post craniotomy headache in patients with benign lesions of the brain - a single center observational study
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Surgical options in treating cervical stenosis and myelopathy
EANS Academy, Patrick Hitchon, 276027
Anatomical considerations of the recurrent laryngeal nerve and it´s vulnerability during surgical procedures of the neck
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Surgical treatment of spinal litic lesions in patients affected by malignant haematologic diseases
EANS Academy, Stefano Telera, 276023
Optimization of watertight spinal dural sealing
EANS Academy, Ahmet Kinaci, 276056
Transoral odontoidectomy: our experience in a limited resources set-up
EANS Academy, Sajjad Ullah, 276014
Patterns of acute inflammatory response to cell transplantation surgery at the graft site
EANS Academy, Mutwakil Abdulla, 276067
Dilemmas in early implantation of vagus nerve stimulation in patients with drug resistant epilepsy and depression - our experience
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Cumulative intracranial tumor volume prognostic assessment (CITVPA): a new predicting score index for patients affected by brain metastases treated with gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery
EANS Academy, Carmine Antonio Donofrio, 276080
Improving patient assessment in Neuro-oncology: Cut-offs for patient and clinician reported outcomes indicating need for support or increased distress - results of multicenter observational studies
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Reduced excitability and altered differentiation of transplanted hESC-derived MGE progenitors via IL-1β in inflamed epileptogenic human tissue
EANS Academy, Ying Zhu, 276074
Cortical and subcortical representation of the intercostal muscles: Is it time to revise the motor homunculus?
EANS Academy, Jose Lavrador, 276077
First-in-human real-time MRI guided intra-arterial delivery of drug in patient with brain tumor
EANS Academy, Kacper Kostyra, 276051
Gamma knife radiosurgery (GKRS) for non-cancer refractory pain: early results of a single center series
EANS Academy, Piero Picozzi, 276059
Role of brain shift in the accuracy of neuronavigation systems during brain tumor surgery
EANS Academy, Giada Toccaceli, 276049
Surgical strategies to minimize morbidity in deep brain stimulation in a series of 240 DBS procedures
EANS Academy, Cordula Matthies, 276053
Microvascular decompression for classic trigeminal neuralgia recurrence after percutaneous rhizotomy procedures
EANS Academy, Volodymyr Fedirko, 276036
Preoperative stereotactic radiosurgery of brain metastases
EANS Academy, Andey Golanov, 276039
Febrile seizures in epileptosurgery patients treated for mesiotemporal epilepsy: predictive factor for hippocampal sclerosis development?
EANS Academy, Eva Brichtova, 276021
The expression of the intercellular communication proteins GAP43 and Cx43 in diffuse and anaplastic gliomas
EANS Academy, Aleksandrs Krigers, 276032
Surgical management of periventricular gliomas: grading system to preoperative assess of resectability
EANS Academy, Artem Rozumenko, 276012
Lesional epilepsy surgery in brain mapping era (overcoming challenges in developing countries)
EANS Academy, Ahmed Morsy, 276172
Patient reported experience measures in navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation - preliminary results
EANS Academy, Jose Lavrador, 276007
Combined hemifacial spasm and progressive hearing loss treated by MVD of AICA crossing between VII/VIII nerves
EANS Academy, Daniela Matos, 276181

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