Malignant “Angioglioma”. Clinical, radiological and histopathological features
EANS Academy, Thomas Linsenmann, 275293
Comparison of surgical versus conservative treatment of sciatica due to lumbar disc herniation
EANS Academy, Noor Maria, 275311
Intramedullary spinal tumors ( MST): outcome after surgical resection of 29 cases
EANS Academy, Gopal Sharma, 275329
The changing landscape of treatment for intracranial aneurysm
EANS Academy, Christopher Lozano, 275348
Factors predicting need for post-operative ventilation after microsurgical clipping of cerebral aneurysms - a multivariate analysis
EANS Academy, SAAD ANIS, 275367
Infected subdural hematoma in elderly: case report and review of the literature
EANS Academy, Andreas Zigouris, 275368
Prognostic factors and postoperative visual outcomes after resection of suprasellar meningiomas
EANS Academy, Daniela Stastna, 275390
Effectiveness of neuronavigated ultrasounds in the resection of intra-axial brain tumors
EANS Academy, Cristian de Quintana-Schmidt, 275391
Results of surgical treatment of patients with focal drug-resistant MR-negative epilepsy
EANS Academy, Nikita Pedyash, 275412
Efficacy of neuronavigation with intraoperative ultrasonography and iMRI for resection control of brain tumors
EANS Academy, Slavomir Kondoff, 275415
Role of functional MRI and Direct Cortical Stimulation in eloquent brain lesions: a presumptive study
EANS Academy, Pawan Chawla, 275431
Bipolar subcortical stimulation in brain tumour resection with combined use of ultrasonic aspiration & suction tip
EANS Academy, Henry Colle, 275432
A retrospective analysis of surgical meningioma patients in an underserved population
EANS Academy, Vijay Agarwal, 275449
Combined endovascular and multistep surgical treatment of complications of aneurysmal SAH
EANS Academy, Oleksii Polkovnikov, 275450
Poor-grade subarachnoid haemorrhage: 3-year experience in a single tertiary referral centre
EANS Academy, Mohamed Osman Dablouk, 275468
An anatomic-morphometric characterization of subfrontal, transsilvian and pretemporal approaches to the oculomotor cistern
EANS Academy, Lucas Serrano, 275471
Neurosurgery bedside care - the daily grind (an audit and quality improvement project)
EANS Academy, Pin-Hui Wu, 275487
Surgery following embolization for arteriovenous malformation treatment: a series of 35 patients
EANS Academy, Aydın Aydoseli, 275489
Non convulsive epileptic status in SAH . A computed volumetric analysis of blood disitribution to predict the incidence of potentially devastating complication
EANS Academy, Alessandra Turrini, 275506
A four-year analysis of patients undergoing surgery for de novo intracranial sepsis (subdural empyema & intracranial abscess) in a regional neurosurgical centre
EANS Academy, Ivy Drake, 275507
Aortic arch diameter correlates with intracranial aneurysm size and with intracranial aneurysm rupture
EANS Academy, Dan Laukka, 275523
Characteristics and long-term prognosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage with unknown source of hemorrhage
EANS Academy, noriaki ashida, 275524
Subdural encapsulated empyema as a complication of acute otitis media: case report
EANS Academy, Anita Andersone, 275542
Osteolipoma: a very rare tumor of the pterional region
EANS Academy, Seungyeob Yang, 275543
Unexpected residual after endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for large and giant pituitary adenomas
EANS Academy, Amir Dehdashti, 275558
Delayed presentation of a unilateral hypoglossal nerve palsy following an isolated head injury
EANS Academy, Daniel Thompson, 275559
Valproic acid-induced amphiregulin secretion confers resistance to temozolomide treatment in human glioma cells
EANS Academy, Jen-Tsung Yang, 275576
Butterfly Glioblastoma multiforme, surgical resection and outcomes: a case series
EANS Academy, Mohammad Rahmani, 275577
Results of surgery of the ruptured aneurysms of the pericallesal artery
EANS Academy, Iliya Grigoriev, 275595
Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder in association with breast cancer - a challenging entity
EANS Academy, Sofia Tavares, 275596
Using of biomodel in planning of spine surgery
EANS Academy, Andrea Veroni, 275614
Quantitative comparison of surgical approaches to Meckel's cave
EANS Academy, Luca Zanin, 275615
Surgical treatment for a large brainstem metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma - a case report
EANS Academy, camilo benavides burbano, 275631
Microsurgical treatment of VA and PICA aneurysms
EANS Academy, Andronikos Spyrou, 275633
Case-control study of diagnostic root radiofrequency sensory stimulation to localize symptomatic roots and to reduce the extent of surgery in multiple lumbar stenoses
EANS Academy, Suk-Hyung Kang, 275651
Finite element analysis of long versus short segment posterior screw fixation for thoracolumbar burst fracture
EANS Academy, Naci Balak, 275652
Association of intracranial aneurysms and anatomical variations of posterior circulation
EANS Academy, Alice Görke, 275669
Posterior thoracolumbar corpectomy and reconstruction with two small cages
EANS Academy, Jung Kil Lee, 275670
Language outcome after awake surgery of multilingual patients with dominant hemisphere gliomas in speech related areas
EANS Academy, Mohammad Rahmani, 275686
Tubular microsurgical approach for lumbar stenosis or disc herniations
EANS Academy, Dimitrios Papadakos, 275687
Individual preoperative 3D modeling during vascular pathology of the brain
EANS Academy, Andronikos Spyrou, 275702
Multicentric hemangioblastoma in non-VHL related patient: determining the right treatment
EANS Academy, Vojislav Bogosavljevic, 275703
Anatomical study of the trigeminal nerve for gamma knife trigeminal neuralgia treatment
EANS Academy, Luigi Albano, 275719
Post-traumatic glomus tumor of the left cervical plexus: a case report and literature review
EANS Academy, Alessandra Turrini, 275720
Transvenous, transjugular embolization of a ruptured huge venous ectasia of a Cognard IV tentorial Dural Arteriovenous Fistula as a first step life-saving procedure
EANS Academy, Dimitrios Papadakos, 275737
Cerebrospinal fluid CXC Chemokine Ligand 13 combined with IL-10, soluble IL-2 receptor, and β2-microglobulin is a good diagnostic performance for primary central nervous system lymphoma
EANS Academy, Takashi Sasayama, 275738
Extended endoscopic endonasal approach with or without C1-C2 anterior endoscopic screw fixation for cranio-vertebral junction lesions: lesson learned and technical nuances
EANS Academy, Maurizio Iacoangeli, 275755
Impact of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion for cervical degenerative disk disease on quality of patients life
EANS Academy, Tilen Zele, 275756
An audit on admissions & CT scans of head injury patients in a low volume hospital in 2018
EANS Academy, Chris Cremona, 275771
Clinical patterns and evolution of patients with initial misdiagnosis of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in a four-year series in a tertiary hospital
EANS Academy, Olga Mateo-Sierra, 275773
Correctional single stage pedicle subtraction closing wedge osteotomy in severe upper cervical kyphosis with resulting cervical myelopathy
EANS Academy, Bilal Al Barim, 275791
Efficacy of intraoperative tools for maximizing the EOR in glioma recurrences
EANS Academy, Francesco Certo, 275792
A new device for intracranial lavage and intelligent, automatic and minimally invasive treatment and monitoring of neuro-trauma
EANS Academy, Borgný Skúladóttir, 275809
Cloacal exstrophy - a neurosurgical perspective
EANS Academy, Danielle de Lara, 275810
Clinical Significance of Extracellular Vesicles in Plasma from Glioblastoma Patients
EANS Academy, Massimiliano Del Bene, 275825
Surgical treatment of inflammatory and degenerative arthropathies of the cervical spine
EANS Academy, Insa Janssen, 275826
Pituitary metastasis: to be surgery or not to be, that is the question
EANS Academy, Dmytro Teslenko, 275847
Recovery of visual function after occipital hemorrhage evacuation by minimally invasive neurosurgery (MIN)
EANS Academy, Susanna Antal, 275849
Urgent neurosurgical operations in the era of antithrombotics
EANS Academy, Elias Antoniades, 275866
The anatomy of Schmorl´s nodes and their role in Scheuermann´s disease and back pain: a meta-analysis
EANS Academy, Dominik Taterra, 275867
Postoperative spondylodiscitis six months after spondylodesis with anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
EANS Academy, Marko Bošnjak, 275882
Hybrid robotics for endoscopic transnasal skull base surgery: the first clinical series
EANS Academy, Francesca Zappa, 275884
Modern machine learning algorithms as newly developing tool to predict risk of anterior communicating artery aneurysm´s rupture
EANS Academy, Aneta Myszka, 275901
Glioneuronal tumour case series - a single centre UK experience of presentation, neurosurgical management and clinical outcomes
EANS Academy, Ravindran Visagan, 275902
Critical area for memory decline after mesial temporal resection in epilepsy patients
EANS Academy, Chun Kee Chung, 281633
Final word
EANS Academy, Ciaran Bolger, 281655
Clinical Director of National Neurosurgery Unit
EANS Academy, Stephen Macnally, 281651
Dean of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
EANS Academy, Steven Young, 281650
EANS President
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 281648
EANS2019 Congress President
EANS Academy, Ciaran Bolger, 281647
Closing words from the EANS President
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 233929
Invitation from the EANS2019 Congress President
EANS Academy, Ciaran Bolger, 233928
Closing words from the EANS2018 Congress President
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233927
Aesculap EANS Research Prize for Best Laboratory Paper: Characterization of PD-1 upregulation on tumor-infiltratinglymphocytes in human and murine gliomas and preclinical therapeutic blockade
EANS Academy, Joost Dejaegher, 233924
Tribute to Brihaye Family - Closing Ceremony
EANS Academy, Pierre Brihaye, 234627
Aesculap EANS Research Prize for Best Clinical Paper: Clinical impact of TERT promoter mutation detection in cell-free tumor-derived DNA in patients with IDH wild-type glioblastomas – a pilotprospective study (on behalf of Dr. Tareq Juratli)
EANS Academy, Dietmar Krex, 233922
Best Abstract in Spinal Neurosurgery: Outcome Evaluation: HRQoL vs Patient Satisfaction
EANS Academy, Miquel Serra-Burriel, 233918
Outcome monitoring steering quality: will it work in spine surgery?
EANS Academy, Sasha Gulati, 233917
Surgery for low back pain: getting beyond the fiction
EANS Academy, Bart Depreitere, 233916
Timing of surgery in acute spinal cord injury: what are the facts?
EANS Academy, Mark Kotter, 233915
Surgery for spinal metastases: new facts from the GSTSG database
EANS Academy, David Choi, 233914
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Functional Neurosurgery: Trigeminal neuralgia due to venous neurovascular conflicts: outcome after microvascular decompression in a series of 55 consecutive patients
EANS Academy, Andrei BRINZEU, 233913
Best Abstract in Functional Neurosurgery: Functional and epileptological outcome after surgery for Long-term epilepsy associated tumors (LEATs)
EANS Academy, Daniel Delev, 233912
Functional Radiosurgery in The Age of Stimulation: Back to the Future?
EANS Academy, Roberto Martinez Alvarez, 233911
Technological advances in DBS, a gentle (r)evolution
EANS Academy, Claudio Pollo, 233908
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Neuro-Oncology: Agents for fluorescence-guided glioma surgery: a systematic review of preclinical and clinical results
EANS Academy, Joeky T. Senders, 233907
Best Abstract in Neuro-Oncology: Population-level changes in glioblastoma survival rates between 2000 and 2013 in Finland
EANS Academy, Rahul Raj, 233906
Neuro Oncology Facts for the neurosurgeon
EANS Academy, Martin van den Bent, 233905
A Glimpse into the future of neurosurgical oncology
EANS Academy, Colin Watts, 233904
State of the Art surgical management of LGG
EANS Academy, Asgeir Jakola, 233903
State of the Art surgical management of HGG
EANS Academy, Walter Stummer, 233902
Introduction & History of the European Union, current and future challenges
EANS Academy, Johannes Van Loon & Herman Van Rompuy, 257044
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Pediatrics: Comparison of anti-siphon devices—how do they affect CSF dynamics in supine and upright posture?
EANS Academy, Marianne Schmid Daners, 233898
Best Abstract in Pediatric Neurosurgery: What is the real prevalence of positional plagiocephaly in children and adolescents?
EANS Academy, Federico di Rocco, 233897
Possibilities and limits of radiotherapy on tumor control for pediatric Craniopharyngioma
EANS Academy, Sarah Peters, 233896
Alternative therapies in cystic craniopharyngioma
EANS Academy, Eelco Hoving, 233895
Minimal endoscopical approach – Differences between the pediatric and adult patient
EANS Academy, Luigi Cavallo, 233894
Limits of neurosurgical resection in the pediatric patient
EANS Academy, Stephanie Puget, 233893
Endocrine and neuropsychological development
EANS Academy, Hermann Mueller, 233892
European Lecture: Facts, Fake News and Future. Scientific and Ethical Considerations
EANS Academy, Jacques Brotchi, 233889

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