Closing words from the EANS President
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 233929
Invitation from the EANS2019 Congress President
EANS Academy, Ciaran Bolger, 233928
Closing words from the EANS2018 Congress President
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233927
Aesculap EANS Research Prize for Best Laboratory Paper: Characterization of PD-1 upregulation on tumor-infiltratinglymphocytes in human and murine gliomas and preclinical therapeutic blockade
EANS Academy, Joost Dejaegher, 233924
Tribute to Brihaye Family - Closing Ceremony
EANS Academy, Pierre Brihaye, 234627
Aesculap EANS Research Prize for Best Clinical Paper: Clinical impact of TERT promoter mutation detection in cell-free tumor-derived DNA in patients with IDH wild-type glioblastomas – a pilotprospective study (on behalf of Dr. Tareq Juratli)
EANS Academy, Dietmar Krex, 233922
Best Abstract in Spinal Neurosurgery: Outcome Evaluation: HRQoL vs Patient Satisfaction
EANS Academy, Miquel Serra-Burriel, 233918
Outcome monitoring steering quality: will it work in spine surgery?
EANS Academy, Sasha Gulati, 233917
Surgery for low back pain: getting beyond the fiction
EANS Academy, Bart Depreitere, 233916
Timing of surgery in acute spinal cord injury: what are the facts?
EANS Academy, Mark Kotter, 233915
Surgery for spinal metastases: new facts from the GSTSG database
EANS Academy, David Choi, 233914
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Functional Neurosurgery: Trigeminal neuralgia due to venous neurovascular conflicts: outcome after microvascular decompression in a series of 55 consecutive patients
EANS Academy, Andrei BRINZEU, 233913
Best Abstract in Functional Neurosurgery: Functional and epileptological outcome after surgery for Long-term epilepsy associated tumors (LEATs)
EANS Academy, Daniel Delev, 233912
Functional Radiosurgery in The Age of Stimulation: Back to the Future?
EANS Academy, Roberto Martinez Alvarez, 233911
Technological advances in DBS, a gentle (r)evolution
EANS Academy, Claudio Pollo, 233908
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Neuro-Oncology: Agents for fluorescence-guided glioma surgery: a systematic review of preclinical and clinical results
EANS Academy, Joeky T. Senders, 233907
Best Abstract in Neuro-Oncology: Population-level changes in glioblastoma survival rates between 2000 and 2013 in Finland
EANS Academy, Rahul Raj, 233906
Neuro Oncology Facts for the neurosurgeon
EANS Academy, Martin van den Bent, 233905
A Glimpse into the future of neurosurgical oncology
EANS Academy, Colin Watts, 233904
State of the Art surgical management of LGG
EANS Academy, Asgeir Jakola, 233903
State of the Art surgical management of HGG
EANS Academy, Walter Stummer, 233902
Introduction & History of the European Union, current and future challenges
EANS Academy, Johannes Van Loon & Herman Van Rompuy, 257044
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Pediatrics: Comparison of anti-siphon devices—how do they affect CSF dynamics in supine and upright posture?
EANS Academy, Marianne Schmid Daners, 233898
Best Abstract in Pediatric Neurosurgery: What is the real prevalence of positional plagiocephaly in children and adolescents?
EANS Academy, Federico di Rocco, 233897
Possibilities and limits of radiotherapy on tumor control for pediatric Craniopharyngioma
EANS Academy, Sarah Peters, 233896
Alternative therapies in cystic craniopharyngioma
EANS Academy, Eelco Hoving, 233895
Minimal endoscopical approach – Differences between the pediatric and adult patient
EANS Academy, Luigi Cavallo, 233894
Limits of neurosurgical resection in the pediatric patient
EANS Academy, Stephanie Puget, 233893
Endocrine and neuropsychological development
EANS Academy, Hermann Mueller, 233892
European Lecture: Facts, Fake News and Future. Scientific and Ethical Considerations
EANS Academy, Jacques Brotchi, 233889
Introduction of the European Lecture
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233888
Career Award - Bernard George
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 233886
Meningiomas - are we making progress?
EANS Academy, Torstein Meling, 233885
Ventricular irrigation in cases of cerebral ventriculitis; A prospective controlled study
EANS Academy, Ahmed AlMenabbawy, 259720
Indications and limits of endoscopic approaches
EANS Academy, Sebastien Froelich, 233884
Peripheral nerve surgery: facts and future anno 2018
EANS Academy, Robert Spinner, 233883
Reducing Surgical Morbidity: The Planned Combined Microsurgical/Radiosurgical Approach in the Treatment of Complex Skull Base Tumours
EANS Academy, Marc Levivier, 233882
Cerebrospinal fluid circulation: Paradigm shift
EANS Academy, Per Kristian Eide, 233881
Combining neuroimaging and blood biomarkers in the assessment of traumatic brain injuries
EANS Academy, Md. Iftakher Hossain, 233880
The effects of Interleukin-6 receptor antagonist in reduction of vasospasm and delayed cerebral injury in a rabbit closed cranium subarachnoid hemorrhage model
EANS Academy, Davide Croci, 233879
Cognitive control neural networks organisation and reshaping: a functional and structural neuroimaging study in low grade glioma patients
EANS Academy, Jerome Cochereau, 233878
Adaptive and maladaptive plasticity of brain networks following spinal cord injury
EANS Academy, Alkinoos Athanasiou, 233877
EANS Research Fund Grants Winners Introduction
EANS Academy, Peter Hutchinson, 233876
Last update in intensive care management
EANS Academy, Jean-Louis Vincent, 233875
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233874
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Neurotrauma & Critical Care: Prognostic value of corpus callosum injuries in severe head trauma
EANS Academy, Marta Cicuendez, 233873
Sports Concussion: A playing field for the neurosurgeon?
EANS Academy, Niklas Marklund, 233870
Coagulopathy in TBI
EANS Academy, Marc Maegele, 233868
Decompressive Craniectomy
EANS Academy, Peter Hutchinson, 233867
Global Initiatives to combat TBI
Acta Neurochirurgica Best Paper of the Year in Vascular Neurosurgery: Critical review of brain AVM surgery, surgical results and natural history in 2017
EANS Academy, Michael Morgan, 233865
Best Abstract in Vascular Neurosurgery: Risk factors for growth of intracranial aneurysms
EANS Academy, Giuseppe Lanzino, 233864
Aneurysmal rebleeding before therapy: A predictable Disaster?
EANS Academy, Marvin Darkwah Oppong, 233863
Last updates in the management of cavernomas
EANS Academy, Robert Spetzler, 233862
EANS Academy, Satoshi Kuroda, 233861
Intracranial Aneurysms Management: Future
EANS Academy, Christian Raftopoulos, 233860
Current status of the endoscopic hematoma evacuation and surgical innovations for the intracerebral hemorrhage
EANS Academy, Takuji Yamamoto, 233859
Future developments in functional neurosurgery, robotics and artificial intelligence
EANS Academy, Alim Benabid, 233858
EANS Academy, Claude Gilliard, 233857
Final word
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233856
Special guest
EANS Academy, Dirk Frimout, 233855
Special guest introduction
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233854
Belgian Health Minister
EANS Academy, Maggie De Block, 233852
Introduction of the Belgian Health Minister
EANS Academy, Jacques Brotchi, 233851
Past Medicine Faculty Dean - KU Leuven – University of Leuven
EANS Academy, Jan Goffin, 233850
ULB Rector
EANS Academy, Yvon Englert, 233849
BSN President
EANS Academy, Johannes Van Loon, 233848
EANS President
EANS Academy, Jesus Lafuente, 233847
EANS 2018 Congress President
EANS Academy, Michael Bruneau, 233846
The STARS-CASCADE Study: Simulation as a New Training Approach in Vascular Neurosurgery
EANS Academy, Alessandro Perin, 225769
The alteration of sagittal lumbosacral alignment after posterior stabilization-fusion in lumbar spondylolisthesis: clinical study
EANS Academy, Recep Basaran, 225788
Occult temporal encephalomeningocele is an epileptogenic condition. Case-control study
EANS Academy, mauro campello, 225804
Delayed-contrast MRI-based treatment response assessment maps (TRAMs) for high resolution differentiation between tumor/non-tumor tissues - comparison with DSC and DCE
EANS Academy, David LAST, 225820
Kawasaki disease is unlikely to be associated with intracranial aneurysm formation: A long-term follow-up with brain MRA
EANS Academy, Dan Laukka, 225836
Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy through minimal Anterior Trans T1 approach
EANS Academy, JosŽ Ribeiro Vaz, 225852
Facet joint cyst: Case report
EANS Academy, GŸrkan Berikol, 225869
Analysis of 127 cases of severe traumatic brain injury. A retrospective study between 2012-2016
EANS Academy, Alexios Bimpis, 225885
Spinal vascular malformations: management and outcome
EANS Academy, Yasser Orz, 225901
Cortical functional reorganization of language function in glioma patients as measured by nrTMS
EANS Academy, Sebastian Ille, 225917
How to screen for psychological morbidities before elective spine surgery?
EANS Academy, Helia Rafsandjani, 225933
Intracranial tuberculoma in eloquent brain: A management dilemma
EANS Academy, Syed Rohail Majid Qadri, 225949
Surgical treatment of symptomatic sacral perineurial cysts: outcome analysis e review of the literature
EANS Academy, Mauro Pluderi, 225965
Surgery of cavernous angiomas of functionally important areas of the brain
EANS Academy, Anton Rodzich, 225981
Unilateral Endoscopic Trancribriform Approach with Septal Mobilization for Preservation of Olfaction in Olfactory Groove Meningioma
EANS Academy, A Samy Youssef, 225997
Transpalpebral approach in skull base surgery
EANS Academy, Revaz Dzhindzhikhadze, 226013
Remote cerebellar hemorrhage after burr hole drainage of chronic subdural hematoma
EANS Academy, Xavier Santander, 226029
Short term outcome of minimal invasive treatment of hemorrhagic stroke
EANS Academy, Stephanie Du Four, 226045
Contemporary management of extra-axial spinal and cranial infection
EANS Academy, thomas doke, 226061
Longitudinal anterior-to-posterior shift of collateral channels in patients with moyamoya disease: an implication for its hemorrhagic onset
EANS Academy, Shusuke Yamamoto, 226078
Evaluation of 31-P-MR-Spectroscopy in brain metastases correlated to histopathological results
EANS Academy, Johannes Kerschbaumer, 226095
Rare Tumor in Rare Location but Huge Presentation
EANS Academy, Nuno Cubas Farinha, 226111
Optic nerve cavernous hemangioma, a case report
EANS Academy, Pieter Jan Van Dyck-Lippens, 226128
Dominique Anel and the eponymous ´Hunterian Ligation´ of aneurysms: conception to current practise
EANS Academy, Vashisht SEKAR, 226144
Dorsal tuberculous spondylodiscitis with paraparesis as initial presentation
EANS Academy, Filipe Vaz da Silva, 226160
Complex treatment glioma surgery with PDT
EANS Academy, Artemii Rynda, 227396
Surgical management of Chiari malformation type 2 related to myelomeningocele
EANS Academy, Kevin Fernando Venegas Hidalgo, 227664
Outcome of patients with severe TBI with post-rescusitative GCS of 3
EANS Academy, Deepak Agrawal, 227681
Unilateral hemilaminectomy for the removal of intraspinal extramedullary tumors (982 cases report)
EANS Academy, Jiagang Liu, 227697
Ossification of the ligamentum flavum: 19 years personal experience - lessons learned
EANS Academy, Natarajan Muthukumar, 227713
The value of perfusion CT as a prognostic factor after mechanical thrombectomy in anterior circulation large vessel occlusion patients
EANS Academy, Byung Hoo Moon, 227731

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