Surgical treatment patients with drug-resistant unilateral MR-positive temporal forms of epilepsy
EANS Academy, Igor Trifonov, 275289
Surgery vs no surgery in MRI negative temporal drug resistant forms of epilepsy
EANS Academy, Igor Trifonov, 275290
Postoperative rise in serum sodium level, an indicator of diabetes insipidus after pituitary adenoma surgery
EANS Academy, Maria Noor Ul Huda, 275291
Multiple sclerosis diagnosis after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
EANS Academy, Andrew MacCormick, 275307
Surgical anatomy of the periclinoid region and extradural preparation of the surgical corridors to the sellar and parasellar areas
EANS Academy, Antonio Bernardo, 275308
Role of tissue expanders in dbs: a technical note
EANS Academy, Nikhil Thakur, 275309
A rare case of a CSF shunt dysfunction as a result of calcification of the subcutaneous catheter
EANS Academy, Guia Shahinian, 275323
Craniopharyngioma difficulty in management
EANS Academy, Alhareth ma'aya, 275324
Giant metastasis to the parietooccipital skull with intracranial invasion: surgical management and evolution after embolization
EANS Academy, Marta Rico Pereira, 275327
Issues with high dose methotrexate therapy for primary central nervous system lymphoma
EANS Academy, Hidemitsu Nakagawa, 275344
Mild traumatic brain injury and chronic arterial hypertension synergize to promote persistent mitochondrial oxidative stress in cerebral arteries
EANS Academy, András Czigler, 275345
Endoscopic transsphenoidal resection of hypothalamic hamartoma
EANS Academy, Andrey Grigoriev, 275346
Reliability measures of the 6-minute walking test smartphone application (6WT app)
EANS Academy, Martin Stienen, 275364
Simultaneous multi-level acute spinal cord compression and acute cauda equina syndrome from an extensive spinal epidural abscess
EANS Academy, King-David Nweze, 275365
High fidelity craniotomy simulation improves neurosurgical operative performance
EANS Academy, Ashwin Kumaria, 275366
Intravenous thrombolysis in the presence of unruptured intracranial aneurysm: safety, case report and literature review
EANS Academy, Vladimir Beneš Jr, 275387
Should partial removal followed by SRS be scheduled in vestibular schwannomas?
EANS Academy, Yoshinobu Seo, 275388
Endonasal endoscopic repair of posttraumatic tension pneumocephalus - case presentation and systematic review of the literature
EANS Academy, Michel Röthlisberger, 275389
Surgical treatment for primary brainstem hemorrhage to improve postoperative functional outcomes
EANS Academy, Shinya Ichimura, 275408
When should we be using an endoscope for cerebello-pontine angle lesions and what are the caveats?
EANS Academy, Bagher Alamri, 275409
Predictive impact of ventricular imaging score onto traumatic brain injury outcome
EANS Academy, Bruno Splavski, 275410
The pattern of spread and histopathology in multiple meningiomas
EANS Academy, Wooyoul Jang, 275428
Importance of collateral venous circulation on indocyanine green videoangiography in intracranial meningioma resection: direct evidence for venous compression theory in peritumoral edema formation
EANS Academy, Shin Jung, 275429
The need for grass roots innovation in developing countries: a case for stationery binder clips in scalp hemostasis
EANS Academy, Manjul Tripathi, 275430
Evaluation of the early endocrinological sequelae after hadron therapy on anterior skull base lesions in the adult population: a preliminary study
EANS Academy, Cesare Zoia, 275446
Non-functioning pituitary adenomas: endocrinological results after endoscopic trans-sphenoidal surgery
EANS Academy, Cesare Zoia, 275447
Endoscopic transorbital approach: indications and limits
EANS Academy, Cesare Zoia, 275448
UK neurosurgical workforce plan
EANS Academy, Simon Thomson, 275465
Enhanced recovery in spinal surgery: proof of concept
EANS Academy, Ashwin Kumaria, 275466
A PEEK into the well: an elegant fix for a complex pseudomeningocoele
EANS Academy, Harsh Bhatt, 275467
Pseudo shunt malfunction caused by the use of a portable cassette player
EANS Academy, Pin-Hui Wu, 275484
Surgical treatment for Kimmerle anomaly
EANS Academy, Artem Airapetyan, 275485
Use of intraoperative navigation guidance in suboccipital approaches
EANS Academy, Arthur Wagner, 275486
Analysis of TBI admissions in a tertiary care public sector hospital of low and middle income society: a prospective study
EANS Academy, Muhammad Khalid Khanzada, 275501
CSF dynamics issues related to bariatric surgery
EANS Academy, Daniele Bongetta, 275502
Challenges in TBI management : a prospective study in a public sector hospital of a developing country
EANS Academy, Muhammad Khalid Khanzada, 275503
Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage in a plateau area: a study based on the Tibetan population
EANS Academy, XUYANG LIU, 275520
Factors associated with early seizures after surgery of unruptured intracranial aneurysms
EANS Academy, Hiroki Kurita, 275521
The experience of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for malignant brain tumors
EANS Academy, Kazuhiro Tanaka, 275522
Long-term outcome for headaches in patients with Chiari Malformation Type 1 after foramen magnum decompression
EANS Academy, Alhafidz Hamdan, 275539
Complete response under treatment with proton therapy followed by chemotherapy together with Tumor Treating Fields in a biopsied IDH wildtype glioblastoma patient
EANS Academy, Marco Stein, 275540
Techniques of intracranial aneurysm wall biopsy
EANS Academy, Sajjad Muhammad, 275541
Accuracy assessment of patient-specific 3D-printed drill guides for pedicle and lateral mass screw insertion
EANS Academy, Peter Pijpker, 275555
Spontaneous spondylodiscitis: a retrospective, single-center series
EANS Academy, Celia Ortega-Angulo, 275556
Long-term outcome of stereotactic radiosurgery in oligodendroglioma
EANS Academy, Seungyeob Yang, 275557
Posterior fossa ICP monitoring: a tale of two compartments
EANS Academy, Amad Khan, 275573
Remote control: intradural spinal tumour resection complicated by remote cerebellar haemorrhage
EANS Academy, Amad Khan, 275574
Treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms with flow diverter devices
EANS Academy, Kemal Alpay, 275575
EC-IC bypass of acute or chronic cerebral ischemia: a new perspective
EANS Academy, Iliya Grigoriev, 275592
Building walls to abolish conflict: a ponto-tentorial teflon bridge technique for microvascular decompression of the Trigeminal Nerve
EANS Academy, Milan Makwana, 275593
Publication of abstracts from undergraduate student conferences in indexed journals: is there any value?
EANS Academy, Melika Akhbari, 275594
Carotid occlusion as a treatment modality for complex wide neck aneurysms
EANS Academy, Amin El Ghanam, 275610
The implementation of an infection prevention bundle did not reduce surgical site infections following elective first time spinal surgery
EANS Academy, Christoph Pump, 275612
Volumetrically colored 3D printed models for surgical simulation and training by the example of intracranial chondrosarcomas
EANS Academy, Axel Neulen, 275613
Resolution of tension pneumocephalus by burr hole trephination and saline infusion
EANS Academy, chong gue kim, 275628
Endovascular treatment of complex MCA aneurysms
EANS Academy, Vitaly Kiselev, 275629
Percutaneous endoscopic foraminal decompression for persistent radiculopathic leg pain for foraminal stenosis after osteoporotic lumbar vertebral compression fracture
EANS Academy, Chang-Il Ju, 275630
Electromagnetic navigation systems and intraoperative neuromonitoring: can they be used in combination?
EANS Academy, Jose Lavrador, 275646
Subcutaneous meningioma in the nuchal region
EANS Academy, Kestutis Jacikevicius, 275648
HEAPS Study (Home Early After Pituitary Surgery): implementing an enhanced discharge protocol in transsphenoidal pituitary surgery
EANS Academy, Henry Taysom, 275649
Exoscope-guided (VITOM 3D) single-stage removal of supratentorial cavernous angioma and hemangioblastoma
EANS Academy, Antonino Germanò, 275666
Cognitive, mood and sleep impairment in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhages
EANS Academy, Jessica Khan, 275667
Concurrent intradural meningioma and schwannoma at the same lumbar level in a patient without neurofibromatosis
EANS Academy, Tilen Zele, 275668
Influence of second surgery on overall survival of recurrent glioblastoma
EANS Academy, Jan Mracek, 275683
Factors affecting outcome in non-isocentic stereotactic radiosurgery for trigeminal neuralgia in a large cohort of patients
EANS Academy, Alfredo Conti, 275684
Combined endovascular and surgical treatment in a ruptured distal anterior cerebral artery aneursym
EANS Academy, Mustafa Kemal Coban, 275685
MIS burr hole endoscope-assisted evacuation of subacute and chronic subdural haematomas - series of 209 cases
EANS Academy, Shahswar Arif, 275699
Vasospasm in pituitary apoplexy without subarachnoid haemorrhage: successful treatment with chemical angioplasty
EANS Academy, Martin Kiik, 275700
Visual field preservation in anterior temporal lobectomy for epilepsy
EANS Academy, Angelo Pichierri, 275701
Lumbar disc herniation minimally invasively treated by percutaneous discectomy
EANS Academy, Mindrigan Eugeniu, 275715
Seasonal variability in cancellation of neurosurgical cases - an ongoing effort in service improvement
EANS Academy, Ory Levy, 275716
Which radiologic parameters affect clinical outcomes after C1-2 posterior fusion for atlantoaxial dislocation?
EANS Academy, Jong-Hyeok Park, 275734
Analysis of multimodal intraoperative monitoring during intramedullary spinal ependymoma surgery
EANS Academy, Jong-Hyeok Park, 275735
Accuracy and complication rates of External Ventricular Drain (EVD) placement using two different surgical methods: a retrospective population-based study
EANS Academy, Nadia Mansoor, 275751
The surgical role for the treatment of atypical meningiomas and predictive parameters of recurrence and overall Survival
EANS Academy, Alessandra Marini, 275752
Combined endoscopic endonasal and open transmandibular-transcervical approach for management of giant clival chordomas extended to the cranio-vertebral junction
EANS Academy, Maurizio Iacoangeli, 275753
Unilateral or bilateral craniotomy for the treatment of bilateral middle cerebral artery aneurysms
EANS Academy, Young Seob Chung, 275767
Microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia: a surgical series
EANS Academy, Sofia Tavares, 275768
Current status of simulation-based training in neurosurgery: a systematic review
EANS Academy, Ebrahim Adnan Patel, 275769
Correlation between interactive and molecular profile in glioma:a multicentric analysis of 100 patients
EANS Academy, Maria L. Gandía, 275785
Conservative management of odontoid fracture in a 20-month old: case report
EANS Academy, Omkar Churi, 275786
Traumatic and non-traumatic intracerebral hematomas; differences in demographics, neuroimaging, surgical management, outcome and hospital costs
EANS Academy, Johannes Münch, 275787
Cerebral aneurysms and atrial myxomas - a versatile correlation
EANS Academy, Liviu Ionut Nicolae, 275805
Anticoagulant/antiplatelet therapy and chronic subdural hematoma: a double-center cohort study and a review of knowledge
EANS Academy, Georgios Feretos, 275806
Calcifying pseudoneoplasm of the neuraxis (CAPNON) of the jugular foramen: a case report and review of literature of skull base CAPNON
EANS Academy, Kesava (Kesh) Reddy, 275807
Brain and behavior alterations due to synergistic effect of biofeedback and neurofeedback intervention for smoking
EANS Academy, Alkinoos Athanasiou, 275821
Surgical management of Pott´s spine - A single centre Indian experience
EANS Academy, Arun Kumar MA, 275822
The Glasgow Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Scale: a predictor of CSF leak in lumbar decompression surgery
EANS Academy, Michael Douglas Cearns, 275823
The effect of aging on the development of cerebral microbleeds after traumatic brain injury: a case report
EANS Academy, Luca Toth, 275842
Chordoma: tumor classified as benign but sometimes aggressive as the most malignum tumors. Five cases related: two from clivus and three sacrum with terrible behaviors
EANS Academy, Dierk Fritz Kirchhoff, 275843
Ergonomics in neurosurgery: basics of training for MIN
EANS Academy, Klaus Resch, 275844
15 years of Mexico - Germany education project for MIN
EANS Academy, Klaus Resch, 275862
Olfactory groove meningiomas: postoperative preservation of olfactory and visual functions, evaluation of risk factors
EANS Academy, Daniela Stastna, 275863
Characteristics of vascularization of muliformis glioblastoma of the brain hemisphere with the use of intervention neuroradiological methods
EANS Academy, Ivan Bobryk, 275864
Medullary abscess: a rare clinical entity
EANS Academy, Pavels Muranovs, 275878
Simultaneous spontaneous thrombosis of multiple true mycotic intracranial aneurysms in a patient with rhinocerebral mucormycosis
EANS Academy, Vasco Carvalho, 275879
The anatomy of petrosquamosal sinus: a meta-analysis and radiological study
EANS Academy, Bendik Skinningsrud, 275880
Balloon angioplasty vs. chemical angioplasty for treatment of delayed cerebral ischaemia: a comparison of brain tissue oxygenation
EANS Academy, Selma Al-Ahmad, 275897
Surgical treatment of cerebral hemorrhage in Zadar General Hospital during 10 year period
EANS Academy, Rade Skarica, 275898
3D, HD exoscopic assisted anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: a valid alternative to microscope-assisted surgery
EANS Academy, Francesco Certo, 275899

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